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Supported robots


Samsung Navibot SR8730, SR8750, SR8751


Vileda Relax, Vileda M-488A, Vileda A3

Documented robots

Severin & Dirt Devil

Severin RB7025, Dirt Devil Spider (M607)

Not supported robots


Xiaomi Generation 1
Xiaomi Generation 2

AGAiT (Asus):

AGAiT E-Clean EC01
AGAiT E-Clean EC01 Enchanced
AGAiT E-Clean EC02
AGAiT E-Clean Mini


Agama AiBot RC-320A
Agama AiBot RC-330A
Agama AiBot RC-510A
Agama AiBot RC-515A
Agama AiBot RC-520A
Agama AiBot RC-530A
Agama AiBot RC-710A


Clever&Clean 112
Clever&Clean 112A
Clever&Clean M-003
Clever&Clean Z10, Z10A[1]
Clever&Clean Z10 White Moon, Z10 Black Diamond (Zpro Series)
Clever&Clean AQUA-Series 01
Clever&Clean V001


Deebot D35
Deebot D45
Deebot D77
Deebot D83


Dyson 360 Eye


Ecovacs Deebot D54
Ecovacs Deebot D56
Ecovacs Deebot D58
Ecovacs Deebot D73 (== Hoover Robocom RVC0010[2])
Ecovacs Deebot D76


Electrolux Trilobite
Electrolux Trilobite 2.0


Eurobots Cleanbot R720 (== Moneual MR6550[3][4])
Eurobots Cleanbot R790 (== Moneual M7700[5])

Evolution Robotics

Evolution Robotics was acquired by iRobot.

Evolution Robotics Mint 4200
Evolution Robotics Mint II 4205
Evolution Robotics Mint Plus 5200


iCleaner M800
iCleaner R500
iCleaner R1300


Hanool Ottoro
Hanool Ottoro Ion N
Hanool Ottoro Ion P
Hanool Ottoro S100N
Hanool Ottoro S100P
Hanool Ottoro S200


Hoover Robocom RBC001
Hoover Robocom RBC002
Hoover Robocom RBC003
Hoover Robocom RBC004B
Hoover Robocom RBC006
Hoover Robocom RBC009
Hoover Robocom RBC011
Hoover Robocom RBC012
Hoover Robocom RBC030
Hoover Robocom RBC040 019
Hoover Robocom RBC050
Hoover Robocom RBC070
Hoover Robocom RBC090/1
Hoover Robocom RVC0005
Hoover Robocom RVC0010 (== Ecovacs Deebot D73[6])
Hoover Robocom RVC0011




Infinuvo CleanMate QQ-2 Basic
Infinuvo CleanMate QQ-2 Plus
Infinuvo CleanMate QQ-2 L
Infinuvo CleanMate QQ-2 LT
Infinuvo CleanMate QQ-5
Infinuvo Hovo 510
Infinuvo Hovo 620
Infinuvo Hovo 650


iRobot tends to use a different model number even when the hardware is exactly the same. That is, sometimes the difference is just in the accessories that are included in the package.

iRobot Roomba Pro
iRobot Roomba Pro Elite
iRobot Roomba Discovery
iRobot Roomba Dirt Dog
iRobot Roomba 400
iRobot Roomba 401
iRobot Roomba 410, 416[7]
iRobot Roomba 510
iRobot Roomba 520
iRobot Roomba 521
iRobot Roomba 530, 531[8], 532[9]
iRobot Roomba 534
iRobot Roomba 535
iRobot Roomba 537
iRobot Roomba 540, 550[10]
iRobot Roomba 555
iRobot Roomba 557
iRobot Roomba 560, 562[11], 564[12]
iRobot Roomba 563
iRobot Roomba 565
iRobot Roomba 570, 571, 572[13]
iRobot Roomba 577
iRobot Roomba 580, 581[14]
iRobot Roomba 585
iRobot Roomba 587
iRobot Roomba 595
iRobot Roomba 610
iRobot Roomba 620
iRobot Roomba 625
iRobot Roomba 630
iRobot Roomba 645
iRobot Roomba 650
iRobot Roomba 655
iRobot Roomba 660
iRobot Roomba 760
iRobot Roomba 761
iRobot Roomba 770, 780, 790[15]
iRobot Roomba 772
iRobot Roomba 775
iRobot Roomba 776
iRobot Roomba 782
iRobot Roomba 860
iRobot Roomba 870
iRobot Roomba 875
iRobot Roomba 880
iRobot Roomba 886
iRobot Roomba 980


Jasper 700
Jasper 800
Jasper 900
Jasper 1000
Jasper 2000
Jasper 3000
Jasper 4000
Jasper 9000



Jt Care

Jt Robot 1000


Kitfort KT-501
Kitfort KT-503
Kitfort KT-504
Kitfort KT-511-1, KT-511-2
Kitfort KT-512
Kitfort KT-518
Kitfort KT-519-1, KT-519-2, KT-519-3, KT-519-4
Kitfort KT-520


Kärcher RC 3000
Kärcher RC 4000


LG tends to use different model names for different markets. Hardware is mostly identical.

LG Hom-Bot Square
LG Hom-Bot
LG Hom-Bot 2.0
LG Hom-Bot Turbo+
LG VR4000
LG VR62601LV
LG VR62701LV
LG VR64701LV


Mami K3, KF3
Mami K5, KF5
Mami K7, KF7


Microrobot Maroyan CW100
Microrobot UBot MR-UBO1K


Miele RX1


Moneual M6550 (== Eurobots Cleanbot R720[16][17])
Moneual M7700 (== Eurobots Cleanbot R790[18])
Moneual H67 Pro
Moneual H68 Pro


Neato XV-11, XV-12, XV-14[19], XV-15, XV-21[20]
Neato XV-25 – same as above?
Neato XV Essential
Neato XV Signature
Neato XV Signature Pro
Neato BotVac 65, 70e, 75, 80, 85[21][22], D75, D80, D85[23]
Neato BotVac D3+
Neato BotVac Connected ???


Philips EasyStar FC8802
Philips Homerun FC9910

Robomow (Friendly Robotics)

Friendly Vac


Samsung VR9000 (SR20H9050U)
Samsung SR20J9250U, VR20J9250UK
Samsung SR10F71
Samsung VR9200J
Samsung VR9300 SR20K9350WK, VR20K9350WK
Samsung Crubo (VC-RP30W)
Samsung VC-RS60, VC-RS60H, VC-RS62, VC-RS62H
Samsung VC-RE70V, VC-RE72V
Samsung VC-RA50V, VC-RA50VK, VC-RL50V
Samsung VC-RA52V, VC-RL52V
Samsung VC-RA84V, VC-RA84VC, VC-RL84V, VC-RL84VC
Samsung VC-RL67V, VC-RL67VB
Samsung VC-RL87V, VC-RL87VR, VC-RL87W
Samsung SR8700
Samsung SR8F00
Samsung SR8830
Samsung SR8825, SR8840, SR8845, SR8850, SR8855
Samsung SR8875, SR8895
Samsung VC-RM52V, VC-RM52VR
Samsung VC-RM84V, VC-RM84VB
Samsung VC-RM94W, VC-RM94WS
Samsung SR8930, SR8940, SR8950, SR8980
Samsung SR8900
Samsung SR9630


Siemens VSR 8000 – same as Kärcher RC 3000


Sharp Cocorobo RX-V80
Sharp Cocorobo RX-V100


ThinkGizmos Robovac XD


Toshiba Smarbo VC-RB100 – Samsung Navibot SR8855


Vileda Relax
Vileda Relax Plus
Vileda M-488A


Vorwerk Kobold VR100 – very similar to Neato


Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum


iClebo Arte (YCR-M05-02)
iClebo Arte Carbon (YCR-M05-10), Sakura (YCR-M05-11)[24]
IClebo Arte Silver (YCR-M05-20)
IClebo Arte (YCR-M05-30) (Korea only)
iClebo Plus Alfa
iClebo Free
iClebo Home
iClebo Light (YCR-M06-L1)
iClebo Q
iClebo Smart



iRobot Scooba 230
iRobot Scooba 380
iRobot Scooba 385
iRobot Scooba 390
iRobot Scooba 450
iRobot Create
iRobot Create 2
iRobot Verro 100
iRobot Verro 300
iRobot Verro 500
iRobot Braava 320
iRobot Braava 380
iRobot Braava 380t – same as 380
iRobot Braava Jet


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