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This page is for Vileda Relax.

There's also a report that Vileda M-488A has an identical board, so some information may be relevant for it too.

The board has the following markings on the silkscreen:

Someone wrote a blog post for Vileda A3 which has a very similar pinout.






Pin Type Function pullup/pulldown active Comment
1in Bumper Right Phototransistor +5V low unpressed – low
2in right motor current sense +5V low
3in BAT ok detect +5V low
4out right motor back +5V low
5out right motor forward low
6in vacuum & side brush current sense +5V low
7out vacuum & side brush motors +5V low
8in all three wheel buttons +5V low fires up when at least one of the wheels is raised
9reset reset with RC circuit
10out touch board(1) led 3+5V low pullup on separate board (10kΩ)
11in touch board(4) button 3+5V ?pullup on master board
12in touch board(7) button 2+5V ?pullup on master board
13in touch board(8) button 1+5V ?pullup on master board
14out touch board(5) leds OK light +5V low
15out touch board(6) led ???+5V low
16out touch board(9) led 2+5V low pullup on separate board (10kΩ)
17out touch board(10) led 1+5V low pullup on separate board (10kΩ)
18XTAL2oscillator ??
19XTAL1oscillator ??
20GND GND ??

Pin Type Function pullup/pulldown active Comment
40VCC Power ??
39in right wheel encoder +5V low
38in right bottom outer sensor high high when on floor
37in right sensor high high when close to the wall
36in right bottom inner sensor high high when on floor
35in left wheel encoder +5V low
34?unknown service port (middle)+5V ?
33in left bottom inner sensor high high when on floor
32in left bottom outer sensor high high when on floor
31NC NC +5V
30NC NC +5V
29NC NC +5V
28out all bumper LEDs +5V low
27in left motor current sense +5V low
26out brush motor +5V low
25in brush current sense +5V low
24out speaker +5V AC coupled
23in bumper left phototransistor +5V low unpressed – low
22out left motor forward low
21out left motor back +5V low

Sensors are 2kHz 20% duty cycle.


Current consumption

mode consumption
idle 110mA
working 1.31-1.80 A
working (without brushes)1.05 A
sleep unable to sleep


Target model:
Name: STC90C58RD+
Magic: F128
Code flash: 32.0 KB
EEPROM flash: 30.0 KB
Target frequency: 29.986 MHz
Target BSL version: 4.3C
Target options:

-- AlexDaniel 2016-04-26 04:48 UTC

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