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EditSeverin RB7025, Dirt Devil Spider (M607)

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Severin RB7025

This is the most hopeless vacuum cleaner that could ever be found.


Let's list some of the problems:

Basically, that's enough to understand that any further reverse-engineering is a waste of time. But here is a pinout anyway:


Pin Type Function pullup/pulldown active Comment
1out green LED high
2in bumper or sensor +5V low
3out buzzer requires PWM, also 1-pin connector on the board is connected here
4power VDD
5in battery low +5V
6out vacuum and side brushes high
7in top lid
8out left wheel forward high
9out left wheel back high
10?battery charged probably input, when charging “high” means “charged”
11power VSS
12out right wheel back high
13out right wheel forward high
14out red led also connected to unpopulated port, no idea what these port do (both are connected together)

Some “pullup/pulldown” and “active” cells are empty. Filling those has no practical value because nobody is going to attempt to reflash it anyway (and if somebody does, you will probably figure it out yourself).


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